Personal History

Bill Hawkins

Appendix; Family History

My mother's father was Henry Younger who was born in 1893 in Glanton, Northumberland. I only remember him vaguely; a small quiet man until he had a drink! His family came from small villages in Northumberland. The family name came from his grandmother Jane who had several illegitimate children. She was an agricultural labourer who must have been very popular in the fields at harvest time. There have been generations of Youngers in Glanton; one was a trooper in the Napoleonic Wars. Unfortunately he was only in the local militia and never actually left the village!

Henry's mother, Sarah Jobson, came from a more respectable Northumberland family. The gravestones of several generations of Jobsons are preserved in the churchyard at Ilderton, a tiny village off the beaten track.

Henry married Sarah Gibson, born 1885, whose family came from Liverpool. Her father John had moved to South Shields near Newcastle where he met her mother, Elizabeth Brown.  Elizabeth was descended from John Brown, born 1790. One of her ancestors, on her mother's side, was Thomas Lumsdon, a Master Mariner from Tyneside.

My paternal grandfather was William Joseph Hawkins, born in 1891 and the son of Charles Hawkins, who was born in Moxley in 1853. His father was William Hawkins, born in 1828 near Stafford. His father, another Joseph, was a butcher nor far from Penkridge. William married Prudence Lockley, just about a month before his son Charles was born. Prudence's father Samuel must have owned a shotgun. Charles Hawkins married Eliza Ralph,  whose family can be traced back to before 1750, in rural Staffordshire.

William Joseph Hawkins married one Fanny Hetty Collins, the sister of the Bilston based Funeral Director mentioned earlier. The Collins family were wheelwrights, but the search for their line ends in 1815 with the birth of a Francis Collins of Tettenhall. As children, William Joseph and Fanny Hetty virtually lived next door to each other in Moxley.

Sadly, since this website was first published, the family has lost my Aunt Lil and my cousin Jean Fullwood (nee Piper). Both are sadly missed.